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"We are a boutique creative design team dedicated to providing, unique,
inspirational and pragmatic services for your brand in an efficient and cost effective way."

    At Coconut Banana we are a Sydney based boutique creative design team, dedicated to providing unique, inspirational and pragmatic services for your brand in an efficient and cost effective way. Our fun and unique workshop methods involve the entire team including senior decision makers in the creative process, which ensure the integrity of your brand is met with high standards. Understanding your core beliefs and having a combination of clear vision and strong communication ensure the perfect solution without unnecessary back and forth.

    Our objective is to provide your business with an intelligent holistic design strategy by considering all elements of your brand. Through our understanding of various platforms of media we ensure your brand is a consistent emotional experience across all interactions. This result orientated approach will give you confidence to grow and help you achieve your business goals.

    Areas of expertise
    Identity Design.
    Branding Design Strategy.
    Visual Communication.
    Print and Publishing Design.
    Environmental Design.
    Information Graphics.
    Multimedia and Web Design.
    & Social Media.

    The Hospitality Specialists
    Hospitality branding is an important aspect in business especially in terms of generating revenue. It is a process that helps a product stand apart from others that have similar physical features. In the world of competition, different companies of the same nature try to lure the same customers you are luring. The only thing that sets you apart is the branding you have done for your business. Coconut Banana specialises in the hospitality industry. We understand the consumers in the sector and how they repond to particular brand designs. We understand that the hospitality industry does not have luxuries as other industries, so we have tailored packages to suit any budget.
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    • Architecture, Art and Design

      Coconut Banana was established by directors, Shamal & Kym. Combining a passion for architecture and a key interest in design, they invested their skills, knowledge and experience into forming their own design studio.

    • Kym

    • Shamal

    1. Meet & Greet.

    This gives you a chance to get to know us (the who) develop a brief (the what) and schedule (the when).

    Design Research

    2. The Workshop.

    Bring your entire team together for our fun and unique workshop that helps explore your current situation (the where), aspired goals (the why) and develop a strategy (the how), to open new and unexpected possibilities.

    3. Mood boards.

    We present you tailored mood boards derived from researched ideas, thoughts and facts composed from the workshop. This helps define the direction best suited for your brand.

    Design Process

    4. Design, Feedback & Refine.

    Based on selected mood board and research, we develop your design requirements through a process of iteration, repetition and transformation, along with your input.

    Design Production

    5. Publish, Print & Develop.

    Pushing the boundary in cross platform production, this is where your brand comes to life. We execute your job with care and precision, whilst doing it in an enjoyable, friendly manner.

    6. Launch!

    We gather everyone around to celebrate the rollout of the new package. Party Time!